Kindly be aware Dr. Chiasson is currently not accepting new sessions until January 2024.

Integrative Medical Consultations
Dr. Chiasson is pleased to offer Integrative Medicine consultations where she makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative, to promote health and prevent illness while partnering with her clients in the healing process.  Such consultations are not of a primary care nature and all clients are encouraged to maintain a relationship with a primary care provider.

Energy Medicine Treatments
Energy Medicine works with a model of illness that addresses the electromagnetic field (or energy field) that underlies the organs and physical structure of the body. From this perspective, the disease process is viewed as an imbalance or block of the body’s natural flow. Energy medicine incorporates hands on healing and other techniques that change, stimulate, add or shift the underlying energy that is associated with the disease process. Dr. Chiasson also incorporates the transformational tools of heart-centered meditation, movement, dream work, psychospiritual counseling, and indigenous healing practices into her sessions. 
Integrative & Energy Medicine
Ann Marie Chiasson, MD

Tucson, Arizona
Integrative Medicine/Medicine Woman Consultation ( via phone or in-person)  
Depending upon what is needed this session includes: Integrative medicine advice as well as energy practices, indigenous healing practices, dream work or other transformational tools required for the situation.

Transformational Tools

Heart Centered Meditation
Heart Centered Meditation involves focus and stimulation of the heart center.  Such a practice is useful for experiencing the still center point from which one's health and life flows with more ease.

Psychospiritual Counseling
Conflict whether in the body or mind is how we work out or resolve issues.  Psychospiritual counseling is primarily intuition-based work, which allows an individual to bring into awareness conflicts that may be manifesting in their life or health. It is based on the concept that there is a greater consciousness or mystery at work and that each of us that seeks it may be brought into experiencing life in a fuller way.

Dreams are like paintings gifted up to the conscious mind from the unconscious.  The soul often wants to be witnessed. Dreams are windows into what is happening to someone on a deeper level, and often a map of what conflicts are being worked out at the deepest level of the soul.  They may serve as maps, informants of a greater mystery at work, or allow us to see where we need to focus our attention in relationship to our own body, mind, soul or spirit.

Indigenous Healing Practices
Indigenous healing practices are techniques have been passed down through time in indigenous cultures from around the world.  They can be transformational for a connection to one's self and a larger mystery. Dr. Chiasson integrates healing ceremony, sound vibration, and other techniques she has learned that are rooted in a connection to the earth.

Consultation & Treatment Rates
Appointments can be in-person, on the phone, or virtual via Zoom. Request an appointment.

Integrative Medical Consultation  $780.00
Consult includes 2 hr initial visit & 1 hour follow-up visit with written recommendations.

Energy Medicine Treatments (1 hr session) $180.00
Expect first session to be longer.

Integrative Medicine/Medicine Woman Consultation (1 hr session)  $180.00

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